Mary Zook has been living at 322 East Boulder Street for the past five years.

“This is my home,” Zook said. “It has been my home. It’s the one home my little grandson knows.”

Her home, along with her next-door neighbor’s, is on the cutting block. Property owner Patrick Mieritz wants to knock down the two homes and replace them with an apartment building. The 25,000-square-foot complex would hold 17 units, with four being affordable housing.

“In the planning department, we try to just make sure that anytime properties are being redeveloped that there’s information that’s provided to affected parties,” City of Colorado Springs Urban Planning Manager Ryan Tefertiller said.

There’s no word yet on when a final decision will be made. More than 200 notices were given to people living near the impacted zone, including Zook.

“There’s a lot of historical elements to these homes,” Zook said. “They’re very old and drafty, but they’re very comfortable. They have character and charm and add to the community.”

The plan is in its early stages. A formal submittal has to be made, which could take months.