CHAFFEE COUNTY , Colo. (KDVR) — Nearly six months have passed since anyone has seen or heard from a Chaffee County wife and mother of two.

Suzanne Morphew, 49, was reported missing on May 10, 2020 – Mother’s Day. And the process of the investigation in the days and months following Morphew’s disappearance has been carefully protected by the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office, which is the lead agency on the case.

A private dive team will be in Colorado to search bodies of water between Salida and Denver.

“We first start with sonar in a lot of these locations, scan it, side scan down, scan 360. And if we identify something, then we suit up and then we get in the water and then we investigate even further to identify guesses 100%,” said Jared Leisek.

Leisek and his team from Adventures with Purpose specialize in water recovery and have a massive following online through a YouTube channel.

“We do have 18 million viewers a month and a lot of them are law enforcement. And we have a lot of law enforcement that has reached out. ‘Hey, if you need a lead liaison, if you want to come to our state, our town, our community, we welcome you,'” Leisek said.

The Adventures with Purpose team travels across the country, diving and recording video. They have recovered hundreds of cars, guns, boats, and much more. This week the team found the body and car of a missing person in Iowa.

“We go into each day with the: ‘here is our mission’ and make the most out of that,” Leisek said.

And now, nearly six months after Morphew went missing near her home in Salida, there’s a renewed effort and a new focus.

“One of the things that people keep coming back to is Barry, you know, he was very wet. He had the hotel room. There are three ponds that are near that. We’re also dealing with the mine shaft, also dealing with some of the hunting grounds,” said Leisek.

Leisek says the team wouldn’t be able to do these searches without YouTube and social media.

We will provide an update once we learn more.