Popular shortcut to class blocked off to UCCS students


School starts in a week at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, but students may need to plan an alternate way to class if they were planning to use a popular shortcut to campus.

That’s because a gate is being installed between the main campus of UCCS and the Eagle Rock neighborhood.

The popular shortcut down Stanton Road is now off limits to students, who say it’s not fair to make their commute more of a hassle.

“We should still be allowed to use it, as we are the public and we pay for it; we are also confused about why the city paid to build the gate,” said Skyler DiGirolamo, a Sophomore at UCCS.

According to the city, traffic has been a concern since 2008 in the area and they’ve been working with UCCS to find a solution.

“We are using tax dollars, but it was not an expensive project; it was less than $20,000 and I do have funding available to help neighborhoods stay neighborhoods,” said Kathleen Krager, a city traffic engineer.

With more than 3,000 cars traveling through the area daily, those living in the Eagle Rock neighborhood are happy something is finally being done.

“The general feeling in the neighborhood is that we don’t care if the university grows around us, it’s just kind of nice that they wouldn’t grow through us. They pretty much have been cognizant of the fact that it’s kind of nice to have the neighborhood intact,” said Ronald Toman, HOA President for the Eagle Rock Neighborhood.

Construction is set to wrap up this week, with the gate planned to be installed before the start of school next Monday. 

According to the city, UCCS does have plans for the future to build another access road for students.

“UCCS is planning on building a new roadway in the future, called the Spine Road, that will connect their northern campus along Nevada, with the main campus, all on UCCS property,” said Krager.

Krager said it may take some time though, because of funding, which they will help UCCS with, not to mention, construction.

Students at UCCS have started a petition online to get the gate project on Stanton Road stopped, so far it is gathered more than 500 signatures. 

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