Police remind residents not to leave valuables in cars while hiking


With the weather heating up and more people hitting the trails, it’s important to protect yourself from thieves. 

According to Coloradans Against Auto Theft, El Paso County saw a 27% increase in auto theft in 2018. 

Tuesday at Stratton Open Space, Colorado Springs police did a car safety check, making sure people know what not to keep in their car while hiking. They said theft is completely preventable. 

“If you leave the keys to your home or anything else like that, one of the problems that could happen is that somebody could go in, they could take your key, they could take the registration or some paperwork with their home address on it, and then go to your home and break in while you’re walking, you’re going for a hike,” Officer Sid Santos said. 

“We have a huge number of trailheads and a huge number of open spaces in Colorado and in Colorado Springs,” John Henry with Coloradans Against Auto Theft said. “It isn’t really feasible for law enforcement to be posted at each and every one of them. So we as citizens have got to take some responsibility to help harden our property against that.” 

Police offered the following tips for reducing car break-ins: 

  • Don’t have a hide-a-key.
  • Don’t leave a jacket or blanket on the seat, because it could look like you are hiding valuables. 
  • Put valuables in your truck before you get to your destination.
  • Remember to roll up windows when leaving your car. 

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