Police ready to ticket in school zones: SLOW DOWN!


More children are hit by cars near schools than in any other location, according to the National Safety Council.

Now with school back in session, the City of Colorado Springs and the police department are teaming up to enforce their School Zone Safety Campaign.

Colorado Springs Crossing Guard Candice Taylor-Purchase said it can be very scary when drivers don’t abide by the rules in school safety zones.

“I’ve seen people squeeze in between me and the median and there is hardly any space, they can see that I am standing there with the kids, I’ve had to stop the kids and jump out of the way, really to miss an oncoming car,” said Candice Taylor-Purchase, who’s been a Crossing Guard in Colorado Springs for 13 years.

The City and Police say enough is enough, and they are ready to enforce their campaign, including those who don’t obey the traffic laws.

“In school zones, what would normally be a fine, for speeding, is a mandatory court appearance, so it doesn’t matter if you’re speeding, one mile an hour over the speed limit or 10 to 15 miles an hour over the speed limit, you’re going to go to court,” said Lt. Mike Velasquez, with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

An alarming statistic found that five teens are killed every week in the U.S while walking in school safety zones.

The 2016 study by Safe Kids Worldwide, also found that 80 percent of students are using unsafe behaviors when it comes to crossing the street; often-times teens being distracted most, by wearing headphones or texting.

As for those driving, one in ten were distracted by cell phones when dropping off kids or leaving school.

Drivers are also reminded that when a stop sign is activated on a school bus, they must stop and let students cross, including in school safety zones.

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