(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Police Foundation of Colorado Springs is seeking donations to help equip our community’s first responders with more trauma kits, like the ones that helped to save lives the night of the Club Q shooting.

It has been nearly a year since a senseless act of violence injured 18 innocent victims and claimed the lives of five more. The impact of that night was felt by countless others in our community, as it left the families and friends of those injured or killed, and the community at large, reeling from grief.

While the loss within the community is still palpable a year later, the Police Foundation is hoping to learn from the experience of that night, so first responders can be better prepared in the future to step up and save lives.

“Our community members came together with Officers of the Colorado Springs Police Department and immediately began providing medical care on scene, which saved many lives that night,” said the Police Foundation in a press release. “Officers were equipped with trauma kits, but they quickly discovered they needed more supplies as many victims needed supplies from more than one kit.”

In an effort to learn from that experience, the Police Foundation is asking the community to help by donating to the foundation so an additional 250 medical trauma kits can be made. The goal is to raise $29,000 for the additional kits, which will be built into mass trauma bags equipped in every patrol supervisor’s car.

The mass trauma bags will contain 10 medical trauma kits, each containing the most used items:

  • Two chest seals
  • Two tourniquets
  • One Celox bandage
  • One trauma dressing
Trauma kits for police
Courtesy: Police Foundation of Colorado Springs

The Police Foundation said the mass trauma bags allow officers to bring the bag into a scene and hand out the additional kits based on the needs of each victim, as one victim may only need the supplies in one kit while another may need several.

There will be a total of 25 mass trauma bags covering every patrol division in Colorado Springs, said the foundation.

If you would like to help by donating, you can visit the Police Foundation’s website at PoliceFoundationofColoradoSprings.org.