(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) rescued a mule deer from a very unusual situation on Tuesday, Nov. 29 as a buck somehow found itself in a Colorado Springs basement office.

CPW posted about the encounter on Twitter, and blamed the buck’s seasonal rut for getting it into this precarious scenario. CPW said when mule deer enter mating season, also called the rut, bucks tend to go into a frenzy to mate with does.

“After sharpening their antlers on trees, they wildly chase does and drive off rival bucks, sparring violently,” CPW said in their tweet.

CPW Officer Travis Sauder posited that perhaps the buck had seen its reflection in the basement window, or it was in a fight and lost. Either scenario resulted in the buck crashing through the window and landing in a basement office, where it made quite the mess.

Warning: some images may be graphic to some viewers.

  • Colorado Springs window broken by mule deer buck
  • Mule deer buck in Colorado Springs basement
  • Mule deer buck in Colorado Springs basement

CPW said the mess only got worse when Officer Sauder darted the buck to sedate it, and the buck tried to escape, sending a vase of flowers crashing from one of the desks. Though once the sedation kicked in and the deer calmed down, Officer Sauder treated cuts the deer had suffered.

Officer Sauder and CPW Biologist Ty Woodward then carried the buck outside, where Officer Sauder helped gently wake it back up by massaging its chest, to stimulate it until the drugs to counteract the tranquilizer took effect.

Watch below as the deer wakes up groggy but ultimately unharmed:

CPW said the deer eventually limped off to return to its rightful home in the forest, sans office-space.