COLORADO SPRINGS — A Baby Yoda was painted in the night sky above Colorado Springs by a local photographer and drone enthusiast.

The internet has dubbed the character “The Child,” Baby Yoda after his appearance in the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian.”

Russell Klimas said the first time he had attempted to make a Baby Yoda in the sky with lights his drone crashed and now has two broken arms.

Klimas borrowed a friends drone this time. He explained that he first found a picture of Baby Yoda to use. Then he uploaded that picture into Google Earth as an overlay. After that he put down placemarks (the yellow thumbtacks) at certain points tracing the image in Google Earth.

Then once completed Klimas transferred the file from Google Earth to a different program that he uses on his phone to fly the drone autonomously. This is where he set the altitude for the drone. Once altitude had been set he went out to the field and set up a camera on a tripod and got ready to do a long exposure of the drone flying the pattern of Baby Yoda with a light attached to it.

Klimas explained that the light allows the camera to see the shape being made. In order to get different colors, he changed the filter on the light halfway through the exposure to get the image in one shot.

The image was created in camera and Photoshop was not used to create it.