COLORADO SPRINGS — Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs will be the provisional headquarters of U.S. Space Command for at least the next six years.

The final decision will be in January 2021. 

“This is great news for our state and I will continue urging the President and the Air Force to make Colorado the permanent home of U.S. Space Command. Colorado is home to a proud military community, a critical aerospace industry, an educated workforce, and prestigious research institutions so we are the natural and best home for U.S. Space Command,” said Gov. Polis.

Colorado was the first home of the U.S. Space Command when it was previously established at Peterson Air Force Base in 1985.

General John W. “Jay” Raymond

U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) has pushed the Department of Defense (DOD) to re-establish U.S. Space Command in Colorado to harness the state’s existing military assets to coordinate space operations for the U.S. military and address emerging threats in space.

“Today I am thrilled that Colorado was officially selected to be the provisional home of U.S. Space Command, operating out of Peterson Air Force Base for at least the next six years. In Colorado we are proud to play a pivotal role in our national defense and military space operations, which is why I pushed the Department of Defense to reestablish the U.S. Space Command here in our state,” said Senator Gardner. “Today’s announcement is historic for Colorado and the future of U.S. military operations in space. With our existing military space infrastructure – whether at Peterson Air Force Base, Buckley Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, the National Space Defense Center, U.S. Northern Command, or North American Aerospace Defense Command – Colorado is the perfect place for and now home to U.S. Space Command.”

Colorado continues to possess the trained military personnel and technical expertise necessary to assume the responsibilities of a Unified Combatant Command for space and the space-related responsibilities currently assigned to United States Strategic Command.

“It’s very good news for Colorado Springs to be named the home of U.S. Space Command for at least the next six years. There is no question Colorado Springs is the most appropriate location for Space Command. This is a city with a long and proud military history, an incredible amount of infrastructure and a wealth of experience and talent in regard to the military in space. We anxiously await the designation as the permanent home of U.S. Space Command.” 

Mayor John Suthers

From Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05):

“I am thrilled that Colorado Springs has been chosen as the provisional location for U.S. Space Command, the epicenter of national defense space in our country.  We have the personnel, infrastructure, and talent pool already in place, and our space warfighters and industry partners are in our community conducting national security operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Based on the criteria, I am thoroughly confident that Colorado Springs remains the best home for Space Command, especially as the space defense industry and space operations infrastructure in our community continue to grow.  I am pleased that Secretary Barrett and General Raymond are taking this process seriously and are ensuring that we make the right decision.  We owe that to both the taxpayers and the warfighters. The Secretary and the Chief have been excellent partners throughout the process, and are working to ensure that no one can challenge their final decision.  I look forward to continuing to work with them as our nation reorganizes our national security space enterprise and as we continue to maintain our primacy in space throughout the 21st century.” 

From Senator Bob Gardner (R-Colorado Springs):

“There is no other military installation in the nation better-equipped to be the home of Space Command than Peterson Air Force Base. This is exciting news for our city, county, and state, and I am excited to see this decision become permanent in 2021.”

From Senator Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs), an Air Force veteran himself:

“It’s not often that I give the federal government praise, but in this case, they made the right call. Space Command is a natural fit here for Colorado Springs.”

From Senator Paul Lundeen (R-Monument):

“It has truly been a Colorado effort to ensure that Space Command be established in our state and we are thankful for leaders – especially U.S. Senator Cory Gardner and Governor Jared Polis – for helping make the case at the federal level.”

From Senator Dennis Hisey (R-Fountain): 

“Our region’s military roots run deep – especially with the Air Force – and hopefully this step puts us one step closer to becoming the permanent home of Space Command.” 

From Representatives Tony Exum, Sr. (D-Colorado Springs):

“Colorado Springs has always attracted talented men and women from around the country looking to serve their country. It just makes sense that the fine servicemen and women in the U.S. Space Command will call the Springs home too. I welcome this news and look forward to doing what I can to make sure that Peterson Air Force Base becomes the permanent home of this next-generation program.”

From Representatives Marc Snyder (D-Manitou Springs):

“Colorado has the industry, the talent, and the dedication to service that is required to host the U.S. Space Command. I hope and expect that the Space Command will set down roots in Colorado and continue its operations from our state for years to come.”