Personal fireworks banned across southern Colorado


For those who don’t want to attend a firework show, there will be no rockets red glare, sparklers or other fireworks to celebrate our nations birthday.

On the heels of the five year anniversary of the Black Forest Fire, the most destructive fire in Colorado, counties are tightening their fire restrictions even with rain on the way.  

The normal spot that usually has a firework tent up by now is looking a little empty.

That’s not a coincidence, that’s because many areas of southern Colorado aren’t allowing the sell, use or possession of fireworks. 

One ingredient will be missing from the recipe of summer in southern Colorado this year: fireworks.   

Which is why FOX21 Storm Team Meteorologist Jeff Womack said fire restrictions and bans are necessary right now.

“I’m going to be the first to admit, I love fireworks, this is imperative because we are in dangerous tinderbox situation,” said Jeff Womack. “We are in the extreme area, that’s not just for the plains that is for the City of Pueblo, and here in the Springs into the severe drought.”

Even though the next couple of days Colorado will see some rain, that’s not enough.

“This is not going to be an overnight fix,” said Womack 

“People are letting up their guard and thinking that,  well we’ve got moisture and everything is fine,” said Mark Mears, Emergency Bureau Chief of Pueblo County.  

Which why these counties around the Pikes Peak region are banning the sale and use of fireworks.  

Emergency Bureau Chief of Pueblo County reminding locals that if you start a fire you not only face a fine but also a possible felony and arson charges.  

“We don’t want to go out and right tickets, that’s not the point. the point is we want voluntary compliance form the citizens of Pueblo to understand how dangerous it is,” said Mears. “It’s very important to understand it just takes a  little spark if you catch your neighbor’s fence on fire you are liable for that fence.”  

So keep your fourth explosion free and leave it up to the professionals.  

A fine could cost you about $1,000 but officials want to remind you arson charges could mean jail time.

The rules and restrictions depend on county and city. 

El Paso County: 

Sheriff Elder as the Fire Warden has ordered Stage II Fire Restrictions for all the unincorporated areas of El Paso County. The Stage II Fire Restrictions shall go into effect immediately and the following are prohibited:

  • Campfires
  • The sale or use of fireworks
  • Outdoor smoking except within an enclosed vehicle or building
  • Public prescribed burning/burn permits
  • Outdoor cooking and/or fires on private property **Propane/gas grills on private property are allowed**

Click here for all the El Paso County rules.  

City of Colorado Springs: 

Due to current and forecasted weather conditions, the Colorado Springs Fire Department, through the Division of the Fire Marshal, has enacted this Burn Restriction Order effective June 8, 2018, until further notice.  

The following are not allowed under this order:  

  • Recreational Fires
  • Bonfires
  • Open or prescribed burns
  • Outdoor smoking in ALL CITY PARKS AND OPEN SPACES
  • Recreational fireworks/devices requiring ignition, such as sparklers, snakes, aerials, comets, flares, flyers, fountains, missiles, mortars, spinners, punks, rockets, shells, etc.

Fireworks are always illegal in the city of Colorado Springs.  

Click here for more rule in Colorado Springs.  

Pueblo County:

The County of Pueblo is in Stage I restriction which still prohibits the use and sale of fireworks along with open burning. 

Click here for more Pueblo County Rules. 

City of Pueblo:

Pueblo City Council passed a resolution that the sale and use of fireworks will not be permitted within the city limits this year.

Click here for more information about the rules of the City of Pueblo.

Fremont County: 

At the June 12, 2018 Meeting, the Board of County Commissioners enacted a Stage II Fire Ban.  

This prohibits the sale, use and possession of fireworks in unincorporated Fremont County.  

Click here for more Fremont County Rules.  

Cañon City: 

The city of Cañon City will be deciding Monday night at their city council meeting whether to allow the use and sale of fireworks.   

Teller County: 

Teller County Board of County Commissioners has issued a Stage 2 Fire Ban for the county.  

Which means the following are prohibited:

  • Campfires of any size at any location
  • Chimineas and other portable fireplaces or patio fire pits
  • Use of charcoal grills
  • Burning of materials not contained in an outdoor fireplace or permanent fire ring
  • Use of any explosives
  • Use of fireworks of any type 

Click here to read more of Teller County Fire Ban.

The state department of Fire Prevention and Control has more information, here. 

Woodland Park:

The city of Woodland Park also has a firework ban. 

Click here for more information about rules in Woodland Park.

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