Permanent blue hearts in honor of Gannon


COLORADO SPRINGS — Thousands all over the country and even parts of the world have been following Gannon Stauch’s story.

An intense search for the 11-year-old began quickly after his disappearance on Jan. 27, focusing first on areas surrounding the Stauch family home on Mandan Drive in Security.

Since the news of Gannon’s Stepmother, Letecia Stauch being charged with first-degree murder, a local tattoo shop has stepped up to help raise money for Gannon’s biological parents.

“We’re going to show everyone what Colorado is about and what it means to be a family,” said Mr. Mayhem with Virgin Ink Tattoo.

Law enforcement believes Gannon is dead but his body has not been found yet. People are honoring the life of the 11-year-old by getting a blue heart tattooed.

“We are doing $40 hearts for Gannon– he is Colorado’s little Hero,” said Mr. Mayhem.

Employees at Virgin Ink Tattoo Studio said the proceeds will go to Gannon’s family for whatever they need help with.

“If anything like that were ever to happen to my children– I couldn’t imagine my heart goes out to them,” said Shannon Harmon with Virgin Ink Tattoo.

Each person coming into the shop has had their own reason as to why they want the tattoo.

“My son actually knew him— they go to the church we go to — I have spent hours crying over this,” said Candace Kolberg.

A story many in southern Colorado will never forget.

“The point behind the tattoo is remembering him– now if someone asks I can share his story,” said Kolberg.

“They will do it until they can’t do anymore,” Mr. Mayhem explained. “If it takes two years, it takes two years so you can always get a Gannon heart here.”

Virgin Ink Tattoo Studio is located at 425 N Circle Dr. in Colorado Springs. Click here for their website.

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