A Change.org petition started on Friday is trying to get the big blue picture frame erected at Garden of the Gods taken down.

So far the petition has garnered over 16,000 signatures, with people saying the 12-foot Olympic City USA frame has no place in the beautiful Garden of the Gods.

The frame was built Thursday at the High Point Parking Lot off Ridge Road, quickly drawing criticism from the community, so much so that in the first eight hours of the petition being posted, more than 5,000 signatures were collected.

“This is vandalism of our beautiful landscape. It is not conducive with Colorado and is a nuisance! Take this ugly thing down!” wrote one petition signer.

The city hoped with adding the lettering Friday, people would understand the concept more.

“I drive by this spot every morning. This is an eyesore and advertising should not be allowed in this space that was gifted years ago. Additionally, the city’s response on a year evaluation period is not acceptable to the taxpayers and the folks that live here,” wrote another person signing the petition.

In response to the city’s decision to put up the frame without a vote from the public, which some say is unfair to the people of Colorado Springs, a parodied version of the frame now appears at Memorial Park.

A viewer sent in the photo of the frame at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, which reads “#CityOfChumps” at the top and “Keeping C.S. Lame” at the bottom. The frame, which even looks like it’s hammered into replica rock formations, verlooks the restrooms at Memorial Park. 

Others have resorted to more tongue-in-cheek ways to deal with the news, like Photoshop. 

Others say maybe a change in the frame’s structure would help. 

“If you are gonna slap a frame into the mix, make it out of Logs instead of 1970’s thinking,” wrote one person on the FOX21 Facebook page in response to a post on the picture frame. 

“YUP! Replace it with a LOG FRAME,” wrote another commenter. 

Some people are even putting their own spin on the frame, utilizing the hashtag #TakeDownThatFrame on social media. 

The city will reevaluate the location of the frame at the end of 2018.