People of Salida laid-back about fire nearby


SALIDA — People in the town of Salida pretty relaxed even though a fire is burning less than 15 miles away, as the crow flies.

“Go with the flow. The river goes through here so we just kind of go with it,” said Kathryn Thompson. “Definitely a very laid-back place. We don’t get up in arms about much.”

Easy-going is typically the vibe in Salida.

One woman who lives in Texas, came to check on her house in Salida and saw the glow of the fire from her front porch.

“Is it going to come to my house?” said Dale Simon. “You can see the smoke as it progressed several days later.”

She looks at the photos she took recalling what she thought at the time, still, she’s not worried.

“I know they will take care of the people in Salida.

The fire is nearly 850 acres with zero percent containment, but fire managers say that was on purpose.

“Don’t let the numbers fool you,” said Linda Hecker, with fire management. “With Wilderness, you want to have humans be the guest and you want to allow natural processes to tae thier course as much as possible. About 80 percent of it is beetle-kill up there, so there is an opportunity for fire to do its job and help with the regeneration of the forest.”

This information allowing the worry to float by in Salida.

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