COLORADO SPRINGS- Drivers in Colorado Springs can expect to see more road work soon as the city kicks off another year of the street-paving program.

The program is called 2C and uses a city-wide sales tax which goes directly towards improving city roads. It was first passed by voters in 2015, and got renewed in 2019. Voters passed a five-year extension (2021-2025) at a tax rate of 0.57 percent (5.7 pennies on a $10 purchase).

“Since the start of the program in 2015 we have also seen the number of our roads in good condition, nearly double, and the number of citizen pothole complaints has gone down by almost 50%,” Colorado Springs mayor John Suthers said.

Suthers said sales tax revenues are only applied to roads, with approximately 50% dedicated to sidewalks, curb and gutter. Each year the city raises $50 million just from 2C.

“Since 2C began, we’ve replaced almost 200 miles of curb and gutter, over 2 million square feet of sidewalk, and we’ve installed over 6500 new and retrofitted pedestrian ramps,” Suthers said.

This year the focus will be mainly on collector streets and arterial roads east and west of downtown. With more projects on their list through 2025.

Corey Farkas, Roads and Division manager with the city, said in each road project crews will not ony repair the roadway but also sidewalks and gutters surrounding them.

“We want to protect the asset that we’re putting in. So the last thing we would want is to have cracked curb and gutter and let water infiltrate underneath that curb and gutter underneath that brand new roadway and have that fail prematurely,” Farkas said.

Farkas said these improvements also add pedestrian ramps and create passable routes that meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and enhance accessibility in Colorado Springs.

Each year they will continue to add new roads to the list but it may take time for them to reach every neighborhood.

“We have done a lot of great work with to see over the last seven years. There is a lot of work to be done ahead of us. I just want folks to know that we do hear you and we are trying to get out to these residential streets to get you taken care of as quickly as possible,” Farkas said.

For a map of roads and cone zones on the list this year through 2025 visit the city’s website.