Pandemic related stress causing hair loss


COLORADO SPRINGS — It’s been months since the Coronavirus pandemic hit, and now we are learning more about how this virus is affecting our bodies, including our hair.

“We are getting stress-related shedding type of hair loss not only as a result of COVID-19 infection but emotional, financial, and physical stressors,” said Dr. Maria Sheron with Vanguard Skin Specialists.

Dr. Sheron says she has been seeing patients all week-long with symptoms consistent with Telogen effluvium; a form of temporary hair loss, pointing out hair loss happens two-three months after a stressful event takes place.

“It pushes some more hairs in the shedding cycle from the normal cycle and you see the hair loss as a result of something like COVID or another type of infection or stressors,” added Dr. Sheron.

She says the hair loss in most cases- is significant but not extreme.

“I tell people try not to stress about the hair loss because we know stress from something like COVID-19 and hair loss can perpetuate the process,” Dr. Sheron says.

Both men and women have been impacted by the excessive shedding according to the dermatologist but it’s simply our bodies reacting.

“It’s not specific to COVID so people that didn’t have COVID but were affected by stress because of this pandemic can experience it too,” said Dr. Sheron.

Dr. Sheron mentions if you notice shedding continues and you have symptoms which include a burning and itching sensation, to go to your local dermatologist.

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