Palmer class sharing VR project across the globe

Virtual reality is commonly used in video games, but it’s connecting cultures in this Colorado Springs classroom.
It’s the virtual learning class at Palmer High School, where the boundaries seem limitless.  “What’s different about this class is there’s no curriculum,”  Teacher Sean Wybrant said.  “It’s really about the students and their desires.” 
One of their projects includes documenting a Western Pacific battle of World War II and sharing it with the students who live there.
“The students made a VR museum to help teach about he battle of Saipan.” Wybrant said.
The 3D animation  took months to complete and plenty of teamwork. 
Alex Garcia graduated last year but started this particular project more than a year ago.  He’snow a project leader. “I’ve been building 3D animations for this project for 18 months,” Garcia said. “My main concern now is making sure everyone is communicating with members of the team.”
Elani Frantz  is oneo of those teammates. She’s headed off to college to in the fall to major in animation .. but she says she has learned so much more than that while enrolled in the virtual learning  class.
“It’s opened  so many doors,” she said. “Working with a team and understanding cultures like we are learning about in Saipan.”
The group of about 8 students will head over to the island this summer. They’ll teach technicques of virtual reality to the students for about four hours a day.  After 10 days, they hope they learn just as much as their coutnerparts about the Western Pacific Island. 
“If you told me five years ago we could reach out and touch a hologram, I wouldn’t have believed you,” Wybrant said.  “That’s why we are trying to push the boundaries of learning here.  We don’t want to learn about today’s techology, w
 Members of the class are also working on an augmented enfironment for cs business journal magazine and uccs history department.
  All made possible with various grants.
The students have also been working on an augmented environment for the CS Business Journal’s annual magazine and an emerging project with the UCCS History Department

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