(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The City of Colorado Springs is evolving into a ‘smart city’. On Tuesday, Jan. 31, the city and Colorado Springs Utilities (Springs Utilities) hosted the 2023 Smart COS Innovation Summit to discuss current and future city programs. 

Speakers talked about how the city can resolve the community’s most pressing issues, such as crime and sustainability while improving quality of life through technology. The Colorado Springs Office of Innovation envisions a smart future through their five pillars:

“Smart services, smart mobility, smart utilities, smart data and smart sustainability,” recited Carlos Tomayo, City of Colorado Springs Innovation Manager.

The city has already to begun to implement smart city initiatives, such as 5G light poles that provide connectivity, and E-scooters to improve mobility throughout the city. The city has also implemented a smart waste system, where trash units are built with sensors to prevent overflow, as well as developed the Pikes Peak Prepared app, that helps residents prepare for emergency.

“We are going to be one of the most connected cities on the planet,” said Brian Wortinger, Springs Utilities Fiberoptic & Telecom Manager.

>>For more information on current and future ‘smart’ projects head to coloradosprings.gov/smartcos

One of the primary future developments is fiber optics.

“We’re in the middle of the world’s largest single city fiber build. We’re going to connect every single address to a 100% fiber network,” said Wortinger.

Fiber optic is the fastest technology currently available.

“What that will enable is the highest possible streaming rates. Whether it’s for education, whether it’s for medical uses, whether it’s for work,” said Wortinger.

Along with connectivity, people in Colorado Springs will also be saving money.

“You’re going to have lower utility bills than you otherwise would because we’re going to be much more intelligent about how we produce and deliver power to our customers. As well as how we deliver water to our customers to ensure a minimal loss throughout the system,” said Wortinger.

Projects that are currently in the works are a smart street sweeper and snowplow pilot, as well as an electric vehicle readiness plan that will support the transmission to zero emission vehicles.