(TELLER COUNTY, Colo.) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) said a “nuisance” black bear was released back into the wild after being trapped at a home in Teller County.

According to CPW, the bear had been trapped in Teller County, where bears have killed chickens and broken into a garage.

CPW said trap-and-release is typically how they handle nuisance bears. This bear was “hazed” on its way out, which is when rubber slugs and other disruptive tools are used to reinforce a fear of humans, so the bears won’t return to populated areas.

CPW said Officer Drew Vrbenec successfully hazed the bear during its release back into the wild on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

  • Black bear captured by CPW
  • Black bear captured by CPW

CPW also shared photos of the bear after it had been captured, which show one of four new traps built by Wildlife Tech Jeff Belveal.