A new program at North Middle School is teaching students how to fly drones. 

Starting this year, students in the Flight and Space class are learning how to take to the skies while piloting from the ground. Unlike most classes, when the bell rings it’s pencils down and heads up. 

Seventh-grader Jase Stull said, “I’m a crazy flier because I like to fly over people’s heads.”

“It was a little sketchy the first few times yes, we were ducking and covering,” said North Middle School Gifted and Talented teacher, Ray Sevits.

Using the airspace of the cafeteria, these students are learning what it takes to successfully run a drone mission and it involves a lot more than just flying. 

Seventh-grader, Dylan Moroski said, “We’re learning about the FAA and the airspace that they control, the guidelines, 400 feet something.”

They’re gaining both skills and knowledge that could someday have a huge impact.

“Flying the drone is like the fun part but there’s other stuff that’s out there that is available to them that they might think, ‘oh I want to be a programmer’. Why not program drones and why not program 100 drones to do something, to do search and rescue or deliver medical supplies,” said Sevits. 

These kids already know this program could help their futures take flight sooner rather than later.

Stull said, “Once we’re 16 we can actually get a license for commercial flying so if somebody were to hire us, like the news station, we could fly for them and we could make money that way.”

“I want to make some good money,” said Moroski. 

North Middle School says it’s one of two schools in the state with this unique drone program. The other is Coronado High School.