(COLORADO SPRINGS) – A new recovery center aimed at helping anyone in the community who suffers from substance abuse has opened in Colorado Springs.

The opening of the center, called Hard Beauty Springs, was emotional for everyone who was involved in getting the center off the ground. Each person had their own story with recovery, and many of those people who are now, five, ten, even fifteen years sober, at one point in their life, never thought they would even make it this far.

CEO of Hard Beauty, Racquel Garcia, describes her path to recovery as “really really hard.”

“I recovered from alcohol, substance use disorders… It took me two years of stumbling before I actually got sober… I didn’t have any mentorship or support to help me through that,” said Garcia.

Garcia, who is now 13 years sober, is providing the support she wished she had with this recovery center.

“We are opening up Hard Beauty Springs, which is a recovery coaching community that also has recovery counseling as well, for those going through substance use disorder,” said Garcia.

The recovery coaches at Hard Beauty Springs are made up of people, like Jeremy Pavlik, who know the struggles of their clients.

“Me getting clean was nothing short of a miracle… I used to be homeless here in El Paso County and I’m a recovering heroin addict… I did 15 years in prison,” said Pavlik. “I want to offer that same miracle to anybody who is struggling with addiction.”

Pavlik specifically works with people who are in the criminal justice system that are working toward recovery. He says his clients are more willing to open up to him, knowing that he has been through the same thing.

“I feel like every broken road, every prison sentence, every drug that I had addiction problems with… I feel like my life has been training me for the job that I have right now… It took 45 years but I am finally exactly where I am supposed to be,” said Pavlik, who is 45 years old.

His hope is that his story inspires people on their path to recovery.

“I want people to look at me and say ‘hey this guy used to be homeless, this guy is recovering from drug addiction, and he is successful in life now,'” said Pavlik.

The recovery center is filled with eclectic rooms, each room has a theme, and bright colors splashed on the walls and furniture.

“We wanted an office where when you walk in, you feel welcome, you feel the love and you feel safe…. I think that makes it a little easier walking into an establishment and asking for help because sometimes asking for help is the hardest thing to do,” said the interior designer Frankie Rowe, who is also the community center director for Hard Beauty Foundation.

For Rowe, designing this facility, was also personal… At first, coming to Garcia and Hard Beauty as a client herself.

“When I came to Hard Beauty, I was kind of broken. I have two young sons and I left an abusive relationship, and I was also addicted to methamphetamines for over a decade,” recalled Rowe. “Raquel [Garcia] saw me for me before I even figured out who I was as a healed person… and if that transformed into this for me, I just can’t even imagine what other people can transform into. And I want to be a part of that.”

The recovery center is located at 6290 Lehman Drive, Suite 150, near Dublin Boulevard and North Academy Boulevard. This was intentionally placed just a few thousand feet away from a bus stop on Academy so that people who use public transportation can easily access it.

Hard Beauty Springs will not turn people away if they do not have insurance, or a means to pay. They are committing to working with people to figure out a plan as well as what options there are so that people can still recover.

For those who cannot get to the in-person facility, Hard Beauty does have a virtual option, where people can meet through a coach that way.

“We will help anybody who is struggling with substance-use disorders,” Garcia assured.