COLORADO SPRINGS — Widefield Parks and Recreation celebrated the groundbreaking of their new recreation center on Tuesday.

The 65,000 square foot facility is being built just southeast of Widefield Elementary school and will feature a gymnasium with three full-size basketball courts, a walking track, group exercise rooms, and an outdoor exercise patio.

Widefield Parks and Recreation said the new center is an extension of Widefield School District Three, and will provide a space for recreational, educational, and social activities for staff, students, and families in the Widefield community.

“We continue to see growth in all parts of Widefield School District three,” said Kevin Duren, Superintendent of Widefield School District Three. “This project is 100% going to be part of a deliberate action to make sure that what we do in Widefield continues to make Widefield feel like Widefield.”

The center is expected to be complete by June of 2023.