(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The entrance monument at Garden of the Gods Park was unveiled on Monday, Nov.7 at its new location along the Foothills Trail north of Gateway Road.

The previous entrance sign was removed in May of 2022 as part of the 30th Street Corridor Reconstruction Project. The old sign was originally set in 1994 and made of two large sandstone slabs. Moving it sign to the new location was considered; however, the City of Colorado Springs said an inspection revealed weathering, cracking and structurally significant damage to two of the sandstones.

The city said a cost and risk analysis determined the sign needed to be replaced rather than moved. The new sandstone sign was cut from the same quarry in Lyons as the original stones, and engraved with matching font and size.

The city also said that the new location allows for safer access for those wanting to take photos of the sign without conflicting with vehicular traffic entering and exiting the park.

Garden of the Gods new entrance sign unveiled
Garden of the Gods new entrance sign unveiled, Courtesy: FOX21 Chief Photojournalist Mike Duran

“We’re hopeful the new park sign will continue to be a great attraction for the four million visitors that come to Garden of the Gods park every year,” said John stark, Garden of the Gods Manager. “We hope the new park sign is going to be a great new place for people to make memories at Garden of the Gods.”

The second phase of the 30th Street corridor construction started in mid-June and includes work on 30th Street between Gateway Road and Fontanero Street. It requires visitors to access the Garden of the Gods Park and Visitor & Nature Center from the north. 

The Foothills Trail reopened in early August, along with a new multi-use trail underpass beneath Gateway Road. The new connection allows bikes and pedestrians to cross under the road without having to negotiate traffic. 

The project is expected to wrap up in summer of 2023, weather depending.