COLORADO SPRINGS — May 9 – 15 marks National Salvation Army Week, which serves as a national reminder of the comprehensive services The Salvation Army provides to people in need.

The El Paso County Salvation Army said their services are being utilized this year at a record-breaking rate, as social and economic challenges mount due to rising costs and inflation. This time last year they were providing around 150 food bags every week to those in need, and that need has more than doubled – with the El Paso County Salvation Army providing over 350 food bags each week in 2022.

“We’re seeing the pinch greatly, in the services we are providing. We’re happy that we can provide all these services, but we need the community’s help,” said Captain Doug Hanson with the El Paso County Salvation Army. “The Salvation Army, we don’t produce income, we simply are stewards of money that people have given us that we can give back to helping others, so really it’s just an investment into our community.”

The Salvation Army has set a goal of raising $50,000 to help offset the rising food costs and to increase capacity and improve The Salvation Army’s outdated kitchen, which currently provides over 400 meals each day to those who are homeless, in poverty, or are facing food insecurity. They are also hosting a free community luncheon on Thursday, May 12, in honor of National Salvation Army Week.

To learn more about the services the Salvation Army provides and to help them reach their funding goal, go to