Naked man climbs power line tower in Pueblo


PUEBLO, Colo — Officers were sent to the Comanche Power Plant early Sunday morning after staff heard yelling while on a perimeter check.

After investigating Pueblo police discovered a naked man had climbed clear to the top of a 150-foot steel power line tower.

Courtesy: Pueblo PD

Police say more officers arrived including Officers Preedy, a member of the Department’s Crisis Negotiators Team, and began communicating with the terrified man from his cruiser’s PA.

Police then discovered his name and that he from New Mexico.

Pueblo Fire Department responded and a firefighter climbed the truck ladder coaching the man down until he reached the ladder.

Police say the man had held onto his boxers and managed to get them back on before getting onto the ladder.

Police were able to reach the man’s father in New Mexico but he didn’t know why his 29-year-old son was here, he did say his son’s been struggling with narcotics, said police.

The naked man has been transported to a hospital for evaluation and treatment.

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