COLORADO SPRINGS — A Ukrainian musician in the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Orchestra is doing his part to help his country as the war in Ukraine continues.

Sergei Vassiliev moved to the United States from Ukraine when he was 13 years old, but every year he goes back to visit his hometown of Kharkiv.

Sergi says the war in Ukraine has impacted him dramatically as several members of his family have been displaced due to the fighting.

“They were in shock,” Vassiliev said. “They didn’t know what to do. They were kind of frozen. It took them about two or three days until the bomb exploded right next to their apartment, that was like okay we need to get out.”

Now, Sergi has created a fundraiser to help send money that can be used for food, medical supplies, lost property, emergency travel, and relocation costs.

Vassiliev is using PayPal and is also partnering with a volunteer organization on the ground in Kharkiv called Kharkiv Help.

“Your gifts helped family and friends who are trying to find safer places to stay, volunteers who help to distribute food and shelter for people and animals in Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities,” Vassiliev wrote. “Families of those who recently lost loved ones due to the conditions of this senseless war.”

Click here to visit Vassiliev’s website or to donate.