(COLORADO SPRINGS) – The Southwest Airlines flight cancellation mayhem during the last week of December caught one unlucky musician making his way to Colorado Springs. This passenger ended up embarking on a long journey in order to perform on New Year’s Eve at the Night of Magnificence celebration.

At one point, Southwest Airlines canceled over 5,400 flights in the span of 48 hours. Quron Witherspoon happened to be on one of those flights on Dec. 22 and ended up stuck in Omaha, Nebraska, at 1:00 in the morning.

“And unfortunately, our flight was canceled all the way through December 28th. I couldn’t live with that,” said Witherspoon, the Musical Director for the Night of Magnificence NYE Party.

Witherspoon was set to perform at one of Colorado Springs’ biggest New Year’s Eve events. Over 800 people bought tickets to attend, prior to the event start.

“Colorado Springs has never had an event this massive,” said Witherspoon.

“If you’re new to Colorado Springs, if you’ve been here for a long time, chances are you’ve never seen an event anything like this,” said Kristen Sharpe, organizer of Night of Magnificence NYE Party.

Witherspoon was determined to be there.

“So what I ended up doing, was renting a car at the last minute just before they closed. Got in the car, and got all of our stuff. Drove 9 hours from Omaha all the way to Colorado Springs,” said Witherspoon.

The organizer of the event extended the invite, after her own experience with holiday airline issues.

“Our own kids weren’t able to come because their flights were canceled and prices were absolutely outrageous to rebook…If you are stranded in Colorado Springs or you didn’t get a chance to go out to see your family or friends anywhere across the world, come and celebrate with us,” said Sharpe, also the CEO of Boss Babe Networking.

The event hosted by Boss Babe Networking, in collaboration with Anthem Music Enterprises, at the COS City Hub, is called the ‘Night of Magnificence.’

“We all know this year was hard for a lot of us, and so much tragedy has affected our community. When my husband and I put our heads together, along with our team, we knew that we had to do this. We knew that it was all about community. It was all about bringing people together,” said Sharpe.

Living up to its name, it includes circus act performances; like fire breathers, stilt walkers, and aerial dancers, as well as casino games, a balloon drop at midnight, and the main event being Witherspoon’s performance with the band, Urban Classic.

“We’re honored to put on such an incredible show,” said Witherspoon.

“With the music, with the people that we brought together, with the small businesses that we’re highlighting tonight. This is just a showcase of what our city is truly about,” said Sharpe.

The family-friendly event is open to all, doors opening at 9:00 p.m. at the COS City Hub where tickets will be sold at the door. The party will be going on past 1:00 a.m. tonight.