For the past 11 years, National Mill Dog Rescue has rescued more than 13,000 dogs. Their latest rescue included more than 100 dogs all throughout the Midwest.

“It’s tough,” Chuck Arnold with National Mill Dog Rescue said. “Like Autumn, she is 7 years old and can be typical of some of the dogs we rescue. Autumn’s right eye is not functional and hasn’t been functioning in a long time.”

The nonprofit traveled more than 4,000 miles and drove across five states in just three days to rescue Autumn and others from commercial breeding facilities or “puppy mills.”

“Every rescue is different,” Arnold said. “Every time we think we have seen it all, we see something we have never seen before.”

While commercial breeding is legal, some breeding practices can be harmful to the dogs.  

Dogs in this latest recuse are currently being evaluated and receiving medical treatment. Arnold is hopeful they will all be adopted, making their journey to a second chance at life a lot smoother.

“We get dogs, that I know have challenges, but they make great pets and it’s rewarding,” said Arnold.

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