COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It’s been a little over two months since deputies found 27-year-old Thomas Anthony Faircloth’s body, and his mom is still searching for answers.

“I need some answers,” Kellie Faircloth-Chelette said. “I need to know who did this to my baby, that is all.”

On November 2, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office reported that a man was found dead at a vacant lot near Galley Road and Powers Boulevard.

Faircloth’s death has since been ruled a homicide. Investigators found suspicious injuries on the 27-year-old’s body. Officials have been interviewing people who might have information that led to his death.

Kellie has now turned to a larger-than-life way to try and figure out who killed her son. She now has a digital billboard with his face on it, in different parts of Colorado Springs, with the words “WHO MURDERED ME?”

“There is somebody out there, sitting out there, that knows something,” Kellie said. “If they see it enough, maybe they will walk by and think ‘you know what, I might just call.’ That is what I am hoping for.”

As of Sunday, the digital message is being shown on billboards at the intersection of Galley Road and Powers Boulevard and at the intersection of Highway 24 and Peterson Road.

Kellie and her family also made a trip out to Colorado Springs right after the new year to put up additional flyers in areas where Anthony was often seen.

“I spent several hours around Cimarron Hills posting up flyers where I think he may have frequented,” Kellie said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff’s office or Crime Stoppers. All tips can remain anonymous.