Mitchell High School hosts cat show, adoption fair


Mitchell High School hosted a pet adoption event and a cat show Saturday. 

“Enjoys going to cat shows, enjoys the hotel room, and likes people, and is just overall a really fun, active cat,” breeder Marlon Azada said about his cat, Donny. 

“I would say the best part about this event is just visiting with other people in the public and seeing what they like about their cats, and just showing them the cats, especially people who have never seen Maine Coons before, because they are special,” Jaclyn Bowlin with Colorado Maine Coons said. 

“He’s like a dog, basically,” cat lover Brodie said about his cat, Jonsie. “He meets people at the door all the time. It’s really funny.” 

They all said it’s a pretty stiff competition. There are four different cat-egories, and the show recognizes 71 different breeds of cats. 

Raising show cats means starting them young, on a good diet. And it takes a lot of work. 

Over the weekend, more than a dozen judges take a look at each cat and rank it on a scale of one to 100. 

Breeders typically get a bad rap, but they say they are not all bad. 

“I think that people think that purebred cats, nowadays, if you want to adopt a pet, that the only place to go is to the shelter, and there’s a lot of bad press about purebred or pedigreed cats,”  cat show judge Carol Lawson said. “This show is partly to educate the public that pedigreed cats aren’t all bad–aren’t bad at all. And if you have a cat breed that you fancy, this would certainly be the place to buy one.” 

The event continued through Sunday. 

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