(COLORADO SPRINGS) — In a social media post, Mayor John Suthers said he spoke with President Joe Biden while he was in town for the Air Force Academy graduation about the future of Space Command.

“President Biden is paying close attention to the permanent basing decision of U.S Space Command,” said Suthers.

Suthers emphasized the fact that Colorado Springs has been a vibrant defense community and is the premier home for space defense operations.

“Colorado Springs has long had a vibrant defense community, and we continue to be a premier home for space defense operations,” Suthers said. “This is underscored by [Wednesday’s] announcement by the Department of the United States Air Force that four U.S. Space Force units… will be permanently headquartered in Colorado Springs, securing 500 jobs…”

He also wrote about the commitment that Colorado Springs has on the long-term success of the Space Force.

Suthers described his conversation with President Biden as “productive.”