WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — A marmot and her five babies are starting a new life in a safer place this week, thanks to some quick-thinking Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers.

On Sunday, CPW responded to a call regarding a beaver under a building in Woodland Park. When an officer arrived, he found the marmot family.

Yellow-bellied marmots, the world’s largest ground squirrels, are common above treeline at 11,500 feet rather than in towns at elevations of 8,400 feet, according to CPW. But they are known to stow away in cars visiting Pikes Peak and can end up in towns. So, the officer knew it would be important to move the animals.

The marmot had built a den under a building. The CPW officer got busy with a catchpole to remove the marmot – “without losing a finger” – CPW adds, and its babies. 20 minutes later, and with the help of another CPW officer and her husband, the marmot family was caught.

The marmots were relocated up on Pikes Peak and released.