PUEBLO, Colo. — Pueblo City Council voted on Monday to approve the map delineating an entertainment district in downtown Pueblo.

This marks the final step in getting an entertainment district approved after voters passed the ordinance in November 2021.

The entertainment district paves the way for “common consumption areas,” where patrons of bars and restaurants would be allowed to leave an establishment with an open container of alcohol and walk around the district with their beverage, similar to cities like Las Vegas.

However, Pueblo will differ from cities like Las Vegas in that the entertainment district would only be active at certain dates and times, for events that will all be pre-approved by the alcohol board, and these dates and times would be discussed publicly with businesses impacted.

During the city council meeting, which was streamed live on Facebook, city leaders reiterated that the vote was only on the boundaries set forth in the previously released map, and that logistics of the entertainment district would move to future meetings, as well as meetings of the liquor board and public forums for local businesses to voice their approval or concerns.

Proponents of the entertainment district believe it could serve as another draw for Pueblo as a destination, while others express concerns over liability.

The alcohol board will meet on April 27th to discuss individual details further.