(MANITOU SPRINGS) — Manitou Springs will open 5 electric vehicle charging stations in Hiawatha Gardens on Tuesday, Aug. 8, just a hop, skip, and a climb to the top of the famous Manitou Incline.

This 156,000-project brings 4 Type 2 dual-port chargers and 1 Type 3 DC fast charger. The type 3 charge can charge a vehicle in 25 to 30 minutes and is the only one of its kind in the area. Before this installation, the nearest fast charger would have been in Colorado Springs.

The project was funded in part by a Charge Ahead Colorado Grant and the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority funds.

Manitou Springs said the installation will encourage more neighbors and employees to adopt electric vehicles, and promote sustainable transportation choices, reducing the overall carbon footprint of Manitou Springs.