Man finds piece of syringe at Palmer Park


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The DiSylvesters were on the South Canyon Trail, one of their favorites in Palmer Park, when something caught Dad’s eye.

“I saw something gleaning on the ground by my feet, so I picked it up,” Paul DiSylvester said. “I didn’t know what the heck it was.”

It was a shiny and tiny piece of metal he had to dig out of the ground. Paul stuck in his pocket, curious as to what it could be.

“It was bothering me,” he said. “I’d never seen anything like this.”

He posted pictures of it to a local Facebook group.

“Well, it was a pretty immediate response,” he said.

People had theories, guesses, and disagreements, but one thing seemed clear: the metal piece was a piece of a syringe. Specifically, the needle hub between the needle and the tube.

“It just kind of bugged me all of the sudden,” DiSylvester said. “Like, ‘oh, nasty.’ I didn’t know what I was dealing with.”

The guesses of what kind of a syringe varied — from veterinary use, drawing tree sap and even criminal use.

“More of the suggestions was that it was from people doing drugs in the park, and that definitely bothered me because we’re here every week,” DiSylvester said.

The fragment is marked with “BD 25” on one side and “Yale 25.”

FOX21 News reached out to local medical professionals for their insight.

A manager of a diabetic clinic said it definitely was not used for insulin, as metal needle hubs had not been used for years. Another from UCHealth agreed, saying it was an older style and BD likely stands for Becton Dickinson.

Bector Dickinson, a large medical supply company, did not reply to our inquiry about the syringe at the time of this posting.

Whatever it may be, DiSylvester already has advice for his curious kids.

“My kids are always picking up rocks,” he said. “I warned them, ‘That thing Dad found, if you see anything like that, don’t pick it up, or let me know about it.”

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