Mall pet store employee fired after video of mistreatment goes viral


A group of girls is speaking out after they caught a Colorado Springs mall pet store staff member mistreating animals on video.

The video was shared thousands of times, and now many are reacting to it. 

As Cassandra Kiespert shot a Snapchat video of a puppy in a cage at Pet City at the Chapel Hills Mall, she didn’t realize what she was seeing was about to get worse.  

The video shows a staff member throw a puppy, then slam it in the door not just once, but multiple times.  

“It was pretty sad to watch, honestly,” Kiespert said.  

The video was shared with All Breed Rescue and Training Executive Director Lauren Fox.  

“To see that lack of compassion in that moment, it is startling,” Fox said. “It is concerning.” 

She believes there must have been a lack of training.  

“What do we need to do as a community, solve the issues,” Fox said. “What we saw is just a symptom. Firing one person is just a band-aid. It’s not going to actually address the underlying issues.”

Pet City said on Facebook that the employee has been fired.

The girls say they didn’t want to get anyone fired, but they’re glad something’s being done.  

“Just hoping the employees getting super good training, to know what to do in those situations when the puppies are getting too rambunctious, or something like that,” Paige Edling said.  

“I just hope people can learn from something we got a video of and make a difference in the world,” Renya Edling said.

They’re still surprised a Snapchat video turned into a call to action. 

“As a teenage girl, I’m sure that it would have been way easier to go ‘Wow! That makes me really uncomfortable’ and to stop videoing and walk away, and she couldn’t, and I think that was very brave, and that will start this conversation, and that is invaluable,” Fox said.

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