(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The bright, bubble gum pink trash bins that can be seen outside homes in Colorado Springs, aren’t just a way for homeowners to pizazz their driveways. A local trash service is now offering pink trash bins to their customers to raise money for breast cancer.

Infinite Disposal, announced their “Pink Carts Against Cancer,campaign, in partnership with breast cancer nonprofit, Cowgirls Against Cancer.

According to Infinite Disposal’s general manager, Judd Staton, approximately 1,000 pink carts are currently in service, and there at 16,000 more that are available for purchase.

The campaign originally started because the mother of an employee at Infinite Disposal lost her battle with breast cancer.

“He [the employee] wanted to do something in honor of his mom, and so this seemed like a great idea….On the pink lid, there’s a little ribbon with the initials of the lady that it was in honor of,” said Staton.

Some pink cart owners, themselves or their families, have been directly impacted by the disease.

“I personally have some family members that are suffering through cancer at the moment, so we thought it’d be a great way to support the cause,” said Zachary Stanchfield, an Infinite Disposal customer who has a pink trash bin.

Stanchfield says these bright bins are for sure a conversation starter.

“People drive by and notice the trash cans…That’s a great way to spread the awareness right there in itself,” said Stanchfield.

These carts are an additional $1 per month to the regular service fee. 100% of the additional fees are then donated to Cowgirls Against Cancer. For every cart sold, Infinite Disposal will donate an additional $5, with hopes of raising over $100,000 with this campaign.

Both existing and new customers can get these carts to support the cause, plus, some trash-bin street cred on their block.

Customers may order or get on the wait list for their pink cart by calling Infinite Disposal at 719-999-0500 or by visiting Infinite Disposal’s Pink Cart page online.

“I think it’s something unique that we do that no one else in this town does. It’s for a good cause..and it’s a great way to stand out among your neighbors,” said Staton.