Colorado Springs meat supplier remains “in-stock” during nationwide supply shortages


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — While some national companies are struggling with supply shortages after the COVID-19 pandemic, one local meat supplier is not.

Ranch Foods Direct is a meat supplier to many businesses and restaurants around Colorado state. Although other companies have seen shortages in supplies, their shelves have remained full.

Mike Callicrate, owner of Ranch Foods Direct, said they have been able to stay in stock because everything they do is in-house. From getting the meat from farms, to packing it in their warehouse, to selling it directly to customers, everything is done within the same company.

“We never ran out of meat,” Callicrate said. “The entire COVID time we never ran out of meat. A lot of that is because we have our own supply chain. We are local, regional and the only thing we care about is Colorado Springs, Denver, to Pueblo market that we are in.”

Callicarate said many big food retailers go through multiple suppliers for their products and, if they are having issues, so will the large company stores.

“Those companies search the world for the cheapest of everything and then sell that into the highest consuming markets and so their supply chains are extremely fragile,” Callicrate said.

Callicrate said his business model is to sell straight to the customer and keep the product made locally.

“I think building community is what it’s all about,” Callicrate said. “We are here to make sure that we invest in those people. that we invest in our communities.”

To see Ranch Foods Direct’s locations, visit their website.

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