Local high school students get bonuses for taking AP classes


Coronado High School is hoping a recent grant will encourage more students to take AP classes.

The three-year grant is part of the Colorado Legacy Schools Initiative, awarded to Coronado in 2017, and bringing nearly $20,000 to the high school.

“Statistically it shows that if you take a single AP class, you are much more likely to stay in college and graduate than if you’ve never taken an AP class,” said Caleb Muth, an AP Biology Teacher at Coronado High School.

According to the high school, the Legacy Grant brings more incentive to students, offering them $100 per AP exam passed with a 3 or better.

“There’s been a lot of encouragement on our end, a lot of promotion on our end as teachers, to dip their toes in some of these courses especially in high school, where it provides a safer environment,” said Ann Schulzki, Lead Administrator of the Legacy Grant for Coronado High School.

The grant also gives teachers a hand-up too, with new textbooks and technology, also bringing Saturday study sessions to students in AP courses.

“I definitely recommend taking AP classes, especially since Legacy has those study sessions and it helps you even more to pass them,” said Joshua Sun, an AP Student at Coronado High School.

Right now 600 students are taking AP classes, a number Coronado says has grown by nearly 150 students.

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