Local dentist office ‘buys back’ Halloween candy to give back


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Did your child make a major candy haul on Halloween? Maybe too much? Instead of letting it give them a toothache or stomachache, a local dentist is thinking ahead by collecting candy to help a good cause.

Simply Kids Dental in Colorado Springs is doing a Halloween Candy Buy Back program, geared towards protecting kids’ teeth by buying back Halloween candy and paying them for it.

The dentist’s office gives the candy to Operation Gratitude, who sends it to troops, first responders, and their families.

“It’s a win-win for the parents to get rid of all of that candy, two it’s a win-win for the kids because they can make a little bit of money but then also doing it for a cause,” Dr. Sean Vostatek, Simply Kids Dental dentist said.

The national Halloween Candy Buy Back program was started with the goal of reducing the overconsumption of sugar by children. Simply Kids Dental started the program five years ago and only stopped during the pandemic.

Here’s how it works. After trick-or-treating, take your candy to the Simply Kids Dental office. Employees weigh it to the nearest pound and give your child $1 per pound of candy.

“We put it on a scale, weigh it and we pay them a dollar for every pound up to five dollars five pounds and then they have a little extra money to spend and we ship the candy off to our troops overseas,” Jeannie McNeill, Simply Kids Dental outreach coordinator said.

McNeill said with the candy, employees put together a care box full of candy and notes of appreciation for the soldiers.

“The care package has all of the candy we buy back from the children and then the children can write simple little notes or draw pictures, they can color we put it all together then we ship it off,” McNeill said.

For the dental office, it is a way to help keep their patient’s teeth clean and candy-free.

“Nobody wants a cavity or the pain that goes along with it, so the less sugar we eat, the less problems we are going to have with our teeth. The more sugar, we’re going to have a lot of problems,” McNeill said.

Simply Kids Dental will be accepting candy donations until Tuesday, November 2 at their office located at 1910 Vindicator Dr. Ste 103, Colorado Springs, CO.

For more information on Simply Kids Dental, visit their website.

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