PUEBLO, Colo. — Finally some good news out of Lake Pueblo State Park after two women and their dogs were saved from a precarious scenario on Lake Pueblo.

The waters of Lake Pueblo have been tragically deadly this year, claiming six lives so far in 2022, the most recent happening over the weekend on July 9. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) have been heavily pushing for water safety, and urging Coloradans and tourists alike not to overlook their Personal Flotation Devices (PFD).

CPW credits those exact safety measures, along with the swift actions of CPW rangers, for saving the lives of two women who got swept out onto the lake on July 11.

CPW posted about the incident on their Twitter account, in which Park Operations Manager Becky Buist recounts the quick actions of CPW rangers.

Witnesses said two women on paddleboards, each carrying a dog, had been blown about 250 yards off shore and were struggling to return to safety. One woman was in the water and unable to get back on her board. According to CPW, water depth in the area was 103 feet and the water temperature was 75 degrees.

CPW Rangers Joe Portteus and Jasmine Wolcott responded quickly in a CPW patrol boat. If Portteus’s name sounds familiar, you probably remember him from the Memorial Day boating accident on Lake Pueblo, in which Portteus helped to rescue 11 people from the waters.

Wolcott and Portteus pulled the two women and their dogs to safety and returned them to shore.

“Why the happy ending? Both women and dogs wore PFDs!” reads CPW’s tweet.