Join Colorado Springs in the City Nature Challenge


The goal of the City Nature Challenge is to incorporate technology while people play outside.

It’s a worldwide competition, with more than 160 cities participating. The four-day challenge runs Friday through Monday.

All you have to do is head outside, download the iNaturalist app and join the challenge called “City Nature Challenge 2019 Colorado Springs.”

“Colorado Springs is the ideal location for City Nature Challenge,” ranger Jillian Rossi said. “We get every ecosystem from the prairies to the peak, so we can cover a lot of ground. All of El Paso County is included.”  

On your adventures, on trails, even your backyard, if you find plants, animals or fungi, snap a photo on your phone or camera and submit it on the app.  

“Not everything needs to be large wildlife,” said ranger Wesley Hermann. “We think of our big dramatic mountain lions and deer and bears, but even smallest little citizens in our community our here can be part of Nature Challenge. We’ve got our insects, we’ve got our macroinvertebrates, little worms and snails. All of those guys are also going to count toward that.”

The city that has the most observations by the end of the four-day challenge wins. 

They encourage you to capture wildlife from a safe distance and stay on designated trails.  

Scientists can use the collected pools of data to understand and conserve urban wildlife.

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