Job hiring tool aims to help businesses in Colorado


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.- Many restaurants across Colorado are still struggling to try to rehire staff as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually lifted, but a new tool aims to help owners get people back to work.

Good Business Colorado’s Resilient Restaurants program has launched ReHire with Resilence, a free wage assessment, and payroll tool aimed at helping businesses rebuild their teams.

Robert Bogatin, the creator of ReHire with Resilence and director of Resilient Restaurants, is a former restaurant owner and after seeing how many businesses have been hit by the pandemic, he wanted to help.

“Struggling myself with the dynamics of the industry is reason enough to just want to be involved and help make it better. We are seeing really serious rehiring challenges and rebuilding the teams that are necessary to even reopen our businesses at full capacity,” Bogatin said.

ReHire with Resilience will help restaurant owners create different models to look at their business by looking at staff income, job quality, and the business’s bottom line to see where they can make changes.

“We want to more increasingly show the business case for when you implement what we consider more equitable or better business practices. If we create more employee-centric and community-centric business models we can show people how to be profitable,” Bogatin said.

The tool contains a payroll calculator and wage assessment tool designed to help owners. From entering in their information, owners will work closely with Bogatin to see what they can improve and change to best serve each member of their team.

“That starts to show restaurant owners side by side not only what’s the increased cost burden of possibly implementing a higher wage model but more importantly what is the staff income raise going to be as a result of that,” Bogatin said.

He said it’s important for owners to understand it is not just about hiring and retaining employees through great pay, but also creating a great work culture as well.

“How do we get really experienced people back in and how do we create new employees coming into the industry knowing we need to create a new culture right now so that they come into the industry in a completely different mindset,” Bogatin said.

Bogatin said there are 148 spots left to use the ReHire with Resilience tool, and he hopes in the future to gain enough funding to make it available online for everyone who wants to use it.

If you would like to sign up for the tool or learn more about it, visit their website.

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