COLORADO SPRINGS- The longest-running, running club in Colorado Springs celebrated its 15th anniversary this week.

Jack Quinn’s Running Club got started in 2006 at Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. From their first run with only 70 members, to 15 years later they now have over 40,000 members and are growing each year.

“We were like oh maybe it will go a couple of years but it just kept growing and growing and growing.. its great it’s one of the proudest things that we do,” Meredith Klube, Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub and Restaurant business manager said.

Every Tuesday night you can expect runners, walkers, and strollers to show up to Jack Quinn’s rain, shine, or pandemic.

“When they were shut down runners still met here on their own to go run but would come back for takeaway and Quinnian’s rally because Quinn’s is our home and you don’t want to abandon you home you want to come back home,” Michael Yowell, Jack Quinn’s Running Club secretary said.

Now back home and celebrating how far they’ve come.

“Especially after the pandemic, is just a really special anniversary,” Klube said.

The running club is free to join. After 10 runs with the club, you become a “shirted” member and they have members in the 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 run categories.

“Every place you go every patio you see, everyone is dressed in running gear on Tuesday nights they take over downtown…the people, the committee members, and the runners are just the best people so supportive and its a fun night we love Tuesday nights. We love our running club,” Klube said.

For more information about Jack Quinn’s Running Club and to join, visit Jack Quinn’s on Tuesdays from 5-7 p.m. or their website.