(WOODLAND PARK, Colo.) — The christening of Woodland Park snowplows is approaching and the city needs your help deciding on a name.

This year, community members could submit names for the Woodland Park “Name Our Snowplows” contest, and the finalists have been chosen. There are 12 finalists for the community to vote from and three snowplows that need names.

City officials say their snow plows will be getting their names just in time for their peak snow season. Sled Zeplin, Betty Whiteout, Bladezilla, and Scoop Dogg, are all among the possible names for the three snow plows.

“We started the ‘Name Our Snowplows’ contest as a way to spread a little joy and cheer during the winter season,” said Kristen Higginbotham, Woodland Park Communications Specialist.

There were over 100 entries to the contest, and now the Woodland Park community can vote for their favorites – one from the kid’s category and one from the adult’s category.

“It’s cool when you can do something kind of offbeat and creative and engage all different ages of the population,” said Michael Lawson, Woodland Park City Manager.

City officials say that at this point, at the beginning of March, the worst of snow season has yet to come.

“Usually March and April are heavy snow months up here… Sometimes we’ll get some heavier snows in May,” said Lawson.

Woodland Park receives an average of 81 inches of snowfall per year, this is about 15 more inches than the state’s average.

“So our contest was timed to kind of match the spring snowfall that we should be receiving soon,” said Higginbotham.

This contest also highlights the rigorous jobs of the city’s snowplow drivers.

“When all of us are at home in bed for the night or taking the weekend off, they’re still out there plowing… So it will bring a little bit of joy for them as well,” said Higginbotham.

“They’re some of the hardest working folks on our team, and it’s cool to get them some limelight,” said Lawson.

City officials are just happy to get the community engaged.

“It starts to build that muscle that, hey, we’re going to continue to be engaged with you. This is the start of something fun, and we’ll continue to do it,” said Lawson. “No promises, but maybe we’ll do ‘Name a Tractor’ or maybe a lawnmower or…”

As Woodland Park residents look forward to what they can name next, voting for the snowplow names ends on Friday, March 10th.

The community can vote here: https://whatsupwoodlandpark.com/nameoursnowplowswp/survey_tools/top-12-finalists

Prizes will be given to the top 3 winners, which will be announced on March 13.