COLORADO SPRINGS — A FOX21 viewer sent in this photo of a possible wolf sighting in Colorado Springs, in a neighborhood southeast of Austin Bluffs Parkway and Academy Boulevard.

The animal was reportedly chasing a deer, and the viewer posited that it could have been a wolf-dog hybrid.

We sent the photo to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) for their input, and they told us they can’t confirm whether an animal is a wolf simply based on a photo. The first and most important thing the community can do when they think they’ve spotted a wolf is to contact CPW immediately.

CPW said once they receive a report of a wolf, they can send personnel to launch an investigation. Ultimately, a DNA test is the best way to identify a wolf.

To report a wolf sighting in the Colorado Springs area, call 719-227-5200. CPW also asks that you submit a Wolf Sighting Form (note that the wolf sighting form is not mobile friendly, you must submit it from a computer).