International Beer Day is almost here on Aug 6



COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– International Beer Day is almost here, and there’s no better time to work on your “six-pack”.

With thirty-one local breweries here in Colorado Springs and 433 throughout the state of Colorado, there’s plenty of local opportunities to take advantage of the day. One local group has taken to Facebook to meet digitally and share their “love for all things beer (typically craft)”.

The group called Colorado Beer Hounds, was created in 2016 for members to talk about their favorite local breweries and sharing their latest favorite brew that their fellow members may not have heard of yet.

Group’s administrator, Michael Garioto, said that the Colorado Beer Hounds mission goes above and beyond just a group of individuals sharing a common love for locally brewed beer.

“We love that the brewing industry and other organizations recognize the power of brotherhood and sisterhood in beer. The fact that days like this are recognized around the world bring us closer together as people,” Garioto said.

The Colorado Beer Hounds promote local breweries and their latest on tap as well as different brewery-centric special events happening in the region.

Garioto added, “Our members go into local breweries and say, ‘Hey! I’m with the Colorado Beer Hounds! Can I get…’, and those breweries have told us that traffic into their business has improved with repeat customers as the word spreads.”

As a personal preference, Garioto said that he recommends 4 Noses Brewing Company in Broomfield, Colo.’s “Bout Damn Time IPA” and anything from Mash Mechanix Brewing Company, FH Beerworks and Goatpatch Brewery in Colorado Springs, Co.

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