If summer yardwork is in your future, call 811 before you dig


If yardwork or summer projects are in your future, remember to call 811 before you dig. 

Calling will get a person to come out and tell you where utility lines are. Locating services are free, and Colorado Springs Utilities says you need to call 811 or go to 811.org for any digging project–even if it just involves a hand shovel. 

They say you need to call at least 72 hours before you start digging. 

You can be fined if something is damaged during your dig. 

“What can happen, aside from maybe getting hurt or causing property damage, is you may also be responsible for the cost of that repair, which can get pretty expensive,” Shelly Dornick with Colorado Springs Utilities said. 

Even if you’ve called 811 for a previous project, you’ll need to call again, unless the project was within the last month. 

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