PUEBLO, Colo. — The human remains found in a trash bag along the bank of the Arkansas River in Pueblo earlier this week have been identified as Mary Cuevas-Garcia, according to the coroner.

Police said the remains they found this week had been there for weeks or months.

Cuevas-Garcia was originally found dead on October 17, 2019. Her body had been dismembered and her death blamed on her son, Anthony.

Anthony Cuevas is charged in his mother’s death.

Police said volunteers were working on a cleanup project when they found the remains on the south riverbank adjacent to Howard Avenue near the Fourth Street bridge. The remains were found around 10:15 a.m. Tuesday.

“I wouldn’t say it was hidden, but there are weeds around there and it’s on the bank – it’s a pretty steep embankment. You could be walking right by it and not even see it,” said Pueblo Police Sgt. Frank Ortega.

“For it to be out here in such a beautiful area, where people go fishing and out for walks…it’s weird,” said Brandon, a Pueblo resident.

Brandon was walking in the area with his mom when he heard the news. “I thought it was the woman had been chopped up and thrown in the southside over there,” he said.

It took several days before Cuevas-Garcia could be identified because her body was so badly decomposed.