(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Rain and hail were not going to stop a stray dog from being rescued by the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR)

HSPPR said, their Animal Law Enforcement (ALE) team got a call about a stray Siberian Husky that had been in the area around the caller’s home. The caller said the dog would jump the fence to hang out with his dog but would run when the owner got too close.

  • Veggie a Siberian Husky
  • A tarp stretched over a trap set to capture a skittish husky
  • A photo of Veggie the Siberian Husky inside a cage after being captured by HSPPR
  • Siberian Husky Veggie with new owner after being adopted

The husky was a bit underweight and her ribs were showing through her fur and needed help, but she was nervous according to HSPPR. ALE officer Barker tried to get close, but the dog would run if they got within 30 feet. The dog would always return to the same house, however.

With everyone worried for the dog’s safety but unable to get close, Officer Barker set up a humane trap near the dog’s favorite spot. While the officer was setting up the trap, it began to rain and hail. The officer made a makeshift roof with a tarp and used thick blankets to keep the trap as dry as possible.

“Officer Barker was soaking wet. However, the trap stayed dry, and that’s all that mattered,” said HSPPR.

Hours later another ALE officer, Officer Barton checked on the trap and found the stray husky inside.

HSPPR said despite the husky being a little scared in the field she quickly became everyone’s friend at HSPPR.

HSPPR named the husky Veggie and kept her under their care for five days while waiting for a potential owner. When no owner came to reclaim Veggie, she was made available for adoption and that same day was adopted into a new home.

HSPPR thanks its officers for going above and beyond to take care of Veggie.