HSPPR finishes obstacle course for dogs


COLORADO SPRINGS — For the shelter dogs at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region the wait is over, the agility course is now open.

The organization has been working on the new dog obstacle course for its Colorado Springs location and it’s finally ready to debut.

It will be used to train dogs and host dog playgroups, which will help the dogs work on social behaviors and get them used to being around other dogs.

“The ultimate end goal is to lower the number of dogs we have staying in the shelter for fear-based behaviors and other behavioral issue concerns,” HSPPR Behavior Programs Manager Fernando Diaz said. “Also to shorten the length of their stay. The longer a dog stays in the shelter, the harder it is for them to get out of the shelter, they start creating behavioral problems and get stressed.”

When it comes to the dog playgroups, HSPPR wants it to be a positive experience for everyone involved. When they introduce the dogs at first, they start slow letting the dogs engage with each other, if the handlers see appropriate behaviors from them, they are then allowed to play off-leash or with the leashes trailed.

The main focus of the course is to build confidence and help dogs learn to trust themselves and trust their environment, with the end goal to be adopted.

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